Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Story Begins. . .

Since we are going to little by little write about Deyton's story!I feel as if writing this is going to be like me standing in front of a crowd naked because I am not sure what people will think, but all I do know is that I want to share his story with the world I want people to know how special this little boy was and how much he helped his mom and dad.

It only seems right to start at the beginning and tell about his birth!

On a side not before I begin I do have to say this little boy was so active in my belly all the time he was moving. Toward the end I would play this little game with him where I would poke him once and he would kick back once, then I would poke him twice and he would poke back twice and so on. It was then that I instantly fell in love with him and cound't wait for him to get out and see him.

It is crazy though I did have times before he was born that I would go into his room and look at all of his clothes, shoes, toys, and bedding. I always seemed to get this feeling that I would never see him in it, but of course I pushed it aside and thought he is fine.

I thought for sure I would have him early too. I started dialating like a month before my due date and was already 60% effaced and it kept increasing. Well, nothing ever happend and my doctor went out of town. So on my forty week appointment I saw another doctor in the office. I was scared to be seeing someone different, but as soon as we met with him he was great and made both Derek and I feel really comfortable.

I had been contracting a little but not much and when he checked me I was 85% effaced and dialated to a 3 plus. He checked me, stripped my membranes, and then made an appointment for me to get induced the following week. Derek and I were sad to hear that today was not the day, but just agreed with the doctor. As soon as he left I was putting my clothes back on and a knock came to the door. It was the doctor asking if he could check my fluid levels because they seemed kind of low. Sure enough my fluid levels were lower than what he wanted so he said it is time we are going to induce you. He called labor and delivery and let them know I was coming in.

Derek and I took off and headed home to pack our bags! We were so excited. Derek had put Deyton's carseat in the car about three weeks earlier because he couldn't wait! A song that kept playing as we were driving was that newer song that says "I got a feeling, tonights going to be a good good night". We felt like that was the perfect song for what was about to come!

It was then that it sunk in with me that today was the day that I was going to have our beautiful baby boy in my arms, but that I was going to do it natural. Of course I was scared I immediately called my sister Lisa and she calmed me down letting me know what I would be feeling and that I could do it. (I was given the opportunity to watch her go natural and she is amazing)

We arrived at the hospital and got into our room. They statred the pitocin at 12:15 pm and at that point I was dialated to a four and 90% effaced. My nurse was amazing and new I was going for natural she was so great to do whatever it was that I needed. A little while later when the contractions were coming on a little bit more consistent she suggested I get in the shower and Derek spray hot water on my lower back. After about a minute of him spraying me and it going all over the bathroom floor (that is a whole different story lets just say we started leaking into the room below us) I all of a sudden got extremely hot and felt as if I was going to throw up I sat on the bench and Derek began to spray ice cold water on me and it felt amazing!

After I got dried up I went back to the bed and just sat there. They tell you when you are going natural to walk walk walk. For some reason that was uncomfortable and I just enjoyed sitting on the bed and working through each contraction. About 4:30 pm the doctor came in and broke my water at this point I was 100% effaced and dialated to almost an eight. At that point I new I was to transition and that he was almost here and that I COULD DO IT!!! Around 5:00 pm the doctor came in and I was reaady to push.

Derek was on my right holding my leg, a nurse on my left holding my leg, my sister Rachelle was by my head. Derek's mom was taking pictures and standing close by, my mom was pretty much ready to catch the baby and Kris was up on a chair over Derek recording the whole thing. I gave a few pushes and his head was showing. Derek was so cute he kept letting go of my leg because he was so distracted by the baby. I kept bugging him to hold on to my leg "just like the nurse", but inside I loved that he kept dropping it because I could tell how excited he was.

The doctor tried to help me so that the head could fit through, but those of you who have seen my husbands head knows that doing that task is not easy and sure enough he had to give me an episitomy. It was only a few more pushes and he was here 5:32 pm Deyton Kash Sorensen arrived! They put him n my chest and I was in love. He was so perfect and so special!

I honestly can't believe I did it natural. People ask me all the time if it hurt and what was the worst part, but honestly I feel like it really wasn't that bad I remember my first words after the whole thing I looked at Derek and said, "that wasn't too bad, I would do it again"

When it really comes down to it I feel as though Deyton and Heavenly Father helped me through it knowing what lied ahead. I know that without my strong little boy and my supportive husband who sat by my side and helped me whenever I needed it and held my hand. I couldn't have done it. It was this expereince that was a building stone for the importance it would be for us to work together and that is exactly what we did!


photography by Mikki said...

Oh Krystal, thanks for sharing your thoughts on that special day. Every time I read something about you 3, I just get chills the entire time. It was so great to see you last Friday too; hope you had a blast hiking the subway!

Harris Family said...

WOW! You are amazing. We still think about you all the time and Ashlee asks me about her "Frabrite" (favorite) primary teachers all the time. You really made an impact on her life.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

Would you like me to add pics?

Aaaahhhh the birth was amazing and you were incredible! I was so lucky to be a part of it all!

Deyton was perfect! He did have a big head though... Lol!

Great start Kiss, love ya :)